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foreign languages
foreign languages

This website is for people who want to speak other languages. I don’t focus on one specific language – the focus of this website is actually about how to learn any language. Because there is an underlying process that is always the same, no matter what language you are trying to learn. Whether it’s English as a second language, or a familiar language like Spanish or Portugese, or German or French, or a very exotic language (from our standpoint) like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Lingala and so on. I will also share some specific tips for particular languages (for example, when you try to learn Asian languages, there is obviously the additional fact that you will also be faced with a completely new alphabet, and sometimes even completely new forms of representing words). And in tonal languages, it’s important that you will be able to master the tones, because even if you have the writing, reading, and vocabulary down – if your tone is not correct, people will often not understand you correctly.

Learning A Language is Easy

Learning a language is easy. But most people learn a language the hard and difficult way. That’s mainly because most people learn another language in school, or they learn it the way it is taught in school. The method that is being used to teach a language is school is one of the most difficult ways to learn a language for most people.

That’s why, in my opinion, the last person that you should seek advice from if you want to find out how to learn any language is a language teacher.

Learning A Language In School

Learning a language in school
Learning a language in school

Language lessons in school are designed for a very certain kind of brain. In fact, there ARE people who are good at learning languages in school, though they are a small minority. These people have a natural learning style, that “fits the school way”. If you haven’t been good at learning a language in school, don’t worry. In fact, English is my second language, and I totally flunked it in school. (I got a straight F in BOTH English and French). At the time it was very embarrassing to me, because to other people – and even to myself – it seemed as if I were stupid. Why did other people learn the language, but I seemed to be completely uncapable? It has a lot to do with learning styles, and my brain simply wasn’t made for school At age 17 – I had already left school – I decided to learn English no matter what.

And I tried quiet a few methods. One thing I did was watching English movies with subtitles, printing out transcripts that I found online, and used the dictionary till my fingers bled. (Well, not really till they bled, but kind of like that). But I had FUN learning that way, and this was crucial to it working out for me. However, on it’s own, this alone wouldn’t have been enough, and there are other elements when it comes to figuring out how to learn any language.

I know that my English is still far from perfect. But it’s good enough to express whatever I want to express in human interactions, and obviously it’s good enough to make a website.

I also learned other languages the same way – like Thai, which required me to refine my approach again, and identify the elements that are most relevant to learning any language.

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