German Language Courses

With all the German language courses available, how can you know which one will help you to learn the German language in the most effective, easy and fast way?

The best language courses have a universal approach, rather than being specifically tailored for a special purpose. That is, you gain a natural fluency by following the course work, instead of limiting your abilities to just a certain area. Whether you want to learn Geramn for professional reasons, to get ahead in your career, because you’re about to travel to Germany, because you have a German partner, are interested in the German culture, or just for fun – the basic building blocks of mastering the language are always the same.

Is It Difficult To Learn German?

As an English speaker, learning German is a lot easier than learning a language like Chinese or Japanese. Because both languages share a common history, and even until now this shared history shows in many words. Let’s look at the word and. In German this word is called und. Or the word tea – in German it’s called tee. The sounds are different, the letters are different, but there definitely are many similarities. For example, the word definitely – in German it’s definitiv.

That is not to say learning German is easy – it’s still a challenging task. But some German language courses are better than others to help you master this challenge.

The best way to learn the German language is if you can listen to native speakers talking in German and have what they say explained to you in English, and have transcripts of the words they use. It’s important that the conversations that you listen to are designed specifically for language learners, so that you acquire the language in the fastest way possible.

You also want specific exercises and language quizzes that can provide you feedback. This will make sure that errors get detected early on, so that you don’t learn wrong German but instead get it right from the start. Otherwise, you might encounter confusion and frustration – but well-designed German language courses help you to enjoy a clear understanding right from the start.

Learn German Vocabulary

Fortunately, the best way to learn new vocabulary is with computer programs. Software is better at getting the exact process of helping you to memorize words than any human being could be, simply because it is a very systematic method.

Make sure that if you chose a program to learn vocabulary, that it not only comes with a set of vocabulary that is already there and ready to use, but that you also have the option of adding your own vocabulary to it.

And if possible – it should include pictures. Do you know the saying “a picture says more than a thousand words?” Well, your brain really does think in pictures most of the time, and you can help your brain to memorize vocabulary if you not only see the words written, but also see pictures or photos that represent the word.


One thing that is particularly difficult with the German language is how verbs change in different situations. Some German language courses completely ignore this unique pitfall, so make sure that you chose one that offers help when it comes to mastering verb declinations.

Personal Help

If you are totally stuck on your own with your language learning efforts, it can be frustrating. Because part of learning a new language is always getting stuck at some point and not knowing how to make sense of something. That’s why any German language course should offer some kind of support. You don’t need a real person to hold your hand all the way a long and guide you through the steps – but you need somebody who will answer your questions in a clear and reliable way. Language learning forums are a good way to exchange your experiences with other learners, but you should also have one person who can answer your questions in a (guaranteed) competent manner.

I hope you found this site helpful. Learning German can be fun, if you progress fast and become fluent quickly.

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