Learn The German Language


If you want to learn the German language, there are several ways to go about it.You can do it the “schoolbook way”. That means, learning vocabulary, learning some basic sentences, and learning grammar. This is how German is being taught in primary- and high-school. However, if you talk with people who learned German in school, you will find that the results you can expect from learning this way are pretty miserable.

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One reason for that is simply that learning a language – and particularly a language with as many grammatical rules and exceptions as German – by studying grammar is an herculian task. Almost nobody is up to it. Unless you are some kind of linguistics professor, this is simply not the way you want to learn a language. Because it will mean that every time you open your mouth, your brain will go through all these rules that you memorized to figure out what the right way to put the words is, and so on.

This is way too much for our brain. Talking should happen naturally. Your brain is capable of picking up linguistic patterns of a language quiet naturally if you let it.

German is a very difficult language to learn, specially because of the sentence structure and the intricacies of German grammar.

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