Learning Languages Online

The New York Times is featuring an article on learning languages online. It starts out by talking about a woman that speaks perfect English (even with a slight Californian) accent, even though she only came to the USA 2 years ago – originally she is from Iran.

One big advantage of online based language learning of course is that you can do it everywhere where you have internet access, and you can do it when you have time. Compare that to a local college course, where you have to physically visit the place where a language is being taught, and you have to do so at the time that the school wants, not when you are convenient to do so.

What’s more – even expensive language learning programs are cheaper than college courses. To reach a certain level of proficiency with a really good online language learning course might cost you a thousand dollars. If you wanted to reach the same level of proficiency in a college, you would have to spend several times that amount, without even calculating in the travel expenses and the loss of time that is associated with going to and coming from school.

Some services that are being mentioned in the article are Rosetta Stone (which now not only has a software, but also an online school), TellMeMore.com, Babbel.com, LiveMocha.com,http://bbc.com/languages, smartphone apps and others. You can read the whole article here.

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